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New Flame: King Caesar

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

As a kid, King Caesar's parents painted the perfect picture for him. With both playing roles in the music world, mother being a manager at one point and father being an artist, it was destined for King Caesar to make his mark. With media influence from Wayne and Kanye, Caesar began to write and put flows together in order to escape the turmoil around him. This helped him build the confidence and stigma he wanted and with his creative roots music was an immediate attraction. King Caesar is currently working towards major accomplishments such as participating in the Chi Awards this coming year. With his recent drop "Mascot", Caesar is heading in the right direction.

Sneak peek of Mascot, which can now available on Soundcloud.

For more on King Caesar, check out Twitter and Soundcloud.

Twitter: @KingCaesarWS

Soundcloud: KingCaesarWS

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