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Gifted Messenger: Tae D

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

For Tae D music is more than just street cred , music is about telling a story to teach a lesson that his audience can relate to no matter how soft, real, or harsh it may seem he just wants his listeners to be captivated by it. Initially, Tae was unaware of what gift he possessed and how far he could go with it. It wasn't until the artist's friends really encouraged him to take it seriously that Tae D pursued his gift. I've gotten the chance to work with Tae D on numerous occasions and I can honestly say he is one artist that will not be outworked. When I asked Tae how has music impacted him? He responded, "My music impacts my soul honestly. It's my getaway, my voice. It makes me feel like a messenger for the people and to the people in a lot of scenarios". Tae D is certainly an artist you should know.

For more on the artist, check out Tae D's soundcloud and tune into his sounds.

Twitter: @KoolMoTae

Soundcloud: @iamtae_d

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