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Born Rebel: Aystro

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Having a 9-5, routine lifestyle wasn't ideal for Aystro. Even when enduring trials and tribulations he always seen things as a possibility and even if the chances were slim to none the risk was worth taking in his eyes. Through all of the madness, Aystro seemed to find an escape and taking a chance on music was just that. The self-made artist has taken the Soundcloud community by storm with the creation of energetic tracks such as "Matrix" and "Blade Action"and he has made it clear that bangers aren't an issue. Aystro has certainly created a wave that Lakeland and I are definitely on.

For more on Aystro, tune into his sounds in the links below and checkout his Soundcloud.

Twitter: @Aystro96

Soundcloud: Aystro

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