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TOP5TOP5TOP5: Up and Coming Producers

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We all know music isn't anything without the people behind the boards so I decided to throw in a few of my favorites of 2017 thus far. I've gotten the chance to meet many talented people within these past few months so it's only right if I give recognition where it's due. Now, similar to my top artist list, the ranking of each producer is NOT in a particular order and does not diminish their craft in any form.

1. RichGates:

RichGates has taken 2017 by storm and is kicking down doors if they aren't opening up already. Murdering beats such as the one on the track of Leland650 and Diceman's "NBA" or 2500's "F&F", and the list continues. However it's beginning to be pretty noticeable when Rich Gates is on the beat. As a member of 2500LoftyBoyz it is clear that he operates as the glue of the group in many ways. His consistent , strong work ethinc and never failing to keep me bobbing or dabbing to the beat has earned him a spot on my top producers list.

You can check more of Rich Gates on both twitter and soundcloud.

Souncloud: richgates

Twitter: @shutupIMRICH


2. YourCaptain:

Your Captain, Your Captain... I knew you deserved a spot on my list when I literally took 30 minutes to chose which sounds I wanted to add to the site and me adding the entire list was the end result. Not many producers catch my ear but when they do I'm definitely a fan in the long run. Your ability to go from a type beat to a Motorala type beat and bouncing right back to a Carti type is what reeled me in. I'm anxious to see everything that you have in store next.

For more on YourCaptain, check out both Twitter and Soundcloud:

Soundcloud: YourCaptain

Twitter: @wavisland


3. CR of RIP Productions:

What captivated me the most was CR's humbleness and crazy ability to murder 808's. This producer certainly never leaves me unsatisfied, from to his tracks with fellow DeadBwoy artist to artist such as Lil Coupe, CR definitely makes his presence on the track apparent. And when the Dynamic Duo of RIP productions collab they produce PURE GOLD.

For more on CR, check out both Twitter and Soundcloud:

Twitter: @RIP_CR

Soundcloud: RIPproductions


4. Lukasbl

Hailing all the way from Denmark, Lukasbl lands a spot on my Top 5 list. Managing to create a variety of sounds from a Carti or Uzi type beat to a Torey Lanez, Post Malone type beat in seconds this producer has definitely caught my attention. The producer offers a variety of skills which can all be found on his website, You can also purchase quality beats for an excellent price and you can now use my discount MARA15.

For More On Lukasbl, check out Twitter and Soundcloud:

Twitter: @Lukasleth

Soundcloud: Lukasbl


5. XYN

Since grade school, XYN knew he always had a knack for the arts and it was then that a deep routed passion transformed into a skill. Excelling in a variety of realms, XYN is now coming out on top with smooth, exuberant sounds such as "The Hydra". The producer masters several genres including electronic and Rap/R&B. His ability to experiment no matter the outcome is probably one of his greatest strengths and by far one of my personal favorites. With future plans on working with other artist in Charlotte and a website in the works, I intend to stay tuned.

For more on XYN, check out both Instagram and Soundcloud:

Instagram: xyn_music

Soundcloud: XYN

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