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Storming Through the Midwest: Guala

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Springing out of Chicago, Guala puts himself on the map by shying away from Chicago's known style of "Drill music". Whether it's the melodic beat or swift use of ad libs, Guala certainly brings something fresh to the table not only as an artist but as a producer as well. Even though he entered the music scene nearly 4 years ago that hasn't slowed up the prodigy's progress. Initially starting off as a producer, the artist seen it fit to learn and grasp new things such as rapping. His ability to go from a kehlani beat to plugg type beat has contributed to the artist's successful streak. Openness and diversity is certainly a few major keys to Guala's style. From producing to rapping or even graphic design, Guala certainly has several hustles that help him live up to his name.

For more on Guala check out a few of his sounds in the links below and tune into his soundcloud.

Soundcloud: Guala

Twitter: @gualagabe

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