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HeatWAVES: MaraMGT's Top 15 Up and Coming Artist

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We all have our favorites but mine in particular possess 4 major key components, DRIVE, DIVERSITY, MASTERING OF SKILL, and most importantly GROWTH. The artist that I'm going to list each bring something different to the table in their own unique way and certainly have potential to make it in the industry. I will be giving you the inside scoop on these artist, why I chose them as my personal favs, and sneak peeks in future projects. Enjoy!

P.S. These are not ranked in any order and does not by any means diminish one's talents.

1.) Leland650

Leland650 and his music is definitely leading the SoundCloud industry on a run for their money. With hits such as Sensei and one of my personal favorites, 10PC freestyle, the artist's spot in stardom is inevitable. Whether it's his delivery on a StoopidXool beat or his lyrical bars on a RichGates or Orcery beat, 650 never fails to amaze me. Unlike most, Leland doesn't confine himself into one style and whichever one he chooses he always sets a new standard. I have nothing but high hopes and a speaker ready to be blasted while awaiting 650's next project.

For more on Leland650, tune into his SoundCloud and Twitter:

Twitter: @Leland650

Soundcloud: Leland650

2. Don600

With the recent release of his long awaited track, Bussin featuring Guapo Cobe, Don600 has taken his audience by storm yet again. Receiving intense feedback and a uproar for more from from his fans it is apparent that Don is an asset. Never missing, only hits Don has skated his way onto my top up and coming list.

For more on Don600, check out his twittr and Soundcloud:

Twitter: @Donfrom600

Soundcloud: Don600

3. Tre Cartier

Beating the odds and tearing down "mumble rap" stereotypes one sound at a time, Tre Cartier has officially became a game changer in my book. With some of the dopest tracks out such as Guaphardt, Hurt My Chest, or Too Rude featuring popular underground artist, Skip Gocar, Cartier has grown in the underground industry within the matter of months. Whether he's cutting up tracks with LoftyBoyz or many other artist the artist never fails to deliver. Being self-driven and constantly being in the stu is showing through Cartier's work tremendously.

For more on Tre Cartier, tune into the artist's Twitter and Soundcloud:

Twitter: @M6CARTIER

Soundcloud: Tre Cartier

4. Lil Summrs

From Louisiana, Lil Summrs is blasting his way onto my top 15 list for various reasons, with his recent drop of All Summr being one of many. The uproar that came with the release proves that Lil Summrs is indeed THE wave, not just this summer but or many more to come. Mastering melodic beats and his sound I have became a fan within the past few months, the artist is definitely worth all of the clout that has came his way.

For more on Lil Summrs, tune into the artist Twitter and Soundcloud:

Twitter: @Summrsxo

Soundcloud: (Ig:Summrsxo) Lil Summrs

5. Marney