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In Tune with Actavi$ Al$ton:

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Make way for 2500 Lofty Boyz' own Actavi$ Al$ton hailing out of Henderson, NC . Actavi$ work ethic speaks for itself, relentlessly he places himself in the studio and it shows as he drops a ton of music consecutively. With the trunk-rattling production of Rich Gates, he shows that he can put together flows of any kind together such as "Whip Chamberlain" also the melodic bass filled "Nike" produced by CashMoneyAP . Actavi$ Alston shows promise amongst his peers as they all bring something different to the table of 2500. As a kid he was influenced by the sounds of Lil Wayne but it wasn't until teaming up with Rich Gates that he decided to pursue music . Eventually, he began to see progress within himself and his craft and it was then that he was introduced to 2500 and the musical realm. Al$ton says that being a member of LoftyBoyz has truly showed him the ends and outs of the industry. His slurred slow delivery sets him apart from the rest of the group in the codeine cathedral themed world he lives in as he dresses it in a phase of flows .

For more on the Artist:

Twitter: @4hoesandlean

Souncloud: Axctavi$ Al$ton

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