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Behind The Boards: RIP Productions

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

It all started in late 2015, with two young guys that envisioned a movement that was bigger than themselves. In Corona, California is where CR and Atty came together and conjured up a plan, and with the ending result, RIP Productions emerged. With their passion for music and it's background the two were bound to prosper. Their plan was to remain lowkey and make great sounds for their friends and thrive as a whole, a family. From researching to the action on the boards it was done as a team.

Recently, I've had a chance to discuss the outcome of RIP Productions and the DeadBwoyRecords movement with Founder CR and his response was, "Personally, the impact of RIP is one of the best things of my life next to what Andy and DEADBWOYRECORDS did for me. Me and atty have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other and collaborate and make sure everything's quality. That's my brother and it's gonna be RIP to the end."

Singles and instrumentals produced by RIP



Atty: @RIP_Atty

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