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The Wave: Don600

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Don600 and his music is really a hot commodity in the SoundCloud community , with a variety of bouncy productions from producer TrapGodBenji, such as "Worth It", "No Fucks", and the groovy "Bussin" produced by TrapMoneyMelo, whose also produced hits for K$upreme and Slimesito. Don 600 is letting it be known that hits aren't a problem at all . However, for the artist, rapping is deeper than money or a fanbase behind him.

At a young age, Don600 was introduced to rapping with the influence of his older cousin who eventually took Don under his wing. With the start of a simple freestyle came a stress reliever which evolved into a tremendous gift. Over time, others began to see what Don was capable of and it was then that Andy S, founder of DeadBwoyRecords, pursued the artist and added him to his label. After two months of being a DBR member, he has received mass exposure from other artist as well as producers but the best has yet to come. With his mastering of killing the beat, Don600 can count me in as a fan. I've developed a liking for his music that surpasses most mainstream artist in my book. If you haven't caught the wave yet I certainly advice it, the artist definitely has a lot in store.

Check out the playlist above, a few hits from Don600.

For more on the artist:

Twitter: @donfrom600

Soundcloud: Don600

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