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Rising With Lofty: 2500LoftyBoyz

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

3 days, 3 guys, some boof, and a mic was all it took. In October 2016, R!ch Gordon, Tre Cartier, and Diceman Dizzle sat down and created a master plan that would not only change but yet motivate themselves and their group of friends. With RichGordon already posses crazy skills on the boards it was nothing to get started, or so they thought. After formulating the name, 2500Loftyboyz, the three got their hands on some recording software which took 3 days to get up in running. With the success of setting up, "Insane", a track from the groups first EP "2500 Miles n Runnin", came about. Along with this was expansion, the group consist of Tre Cartier, R!chGordon, Diceman Dizzle, Leland 650, Triple Cup Tae, Bomane Reezy, Actavi$ Al$ton, Kashn Key, Bucc da Slut, Nascar Five, Fijo, and many more. As a whole, each member can be counted as a dual threat whether it's a combination of producing, songwriting, or rapping this group definitely has an IT factor.

Tracks and EP's from a few members of LoftyBoyz

Twitter: @2500LoftyBoyz

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