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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

In February 2017, DeadBwoyRecords emerged out of Lakeland, Florida with the aid of Founder, Andrew S. . The label was envisioned to boast vocal talents of local artist, and a month later it is living up to its standards. Today, the label is represented by various artist both in and out of state. The artist consist of Texako, Don600, Yung 9host, Aystro, Sheist, StaceGettinPaid, Wav, Dro, Peso da Guapo, Apex, and Tookey. The label also has their own in house production team. Tku Boy, RIP, CarsonConner, and YNL Dawgg are the brains behind the boards. Within five weeks, the unit managed to develop a mass following in addition to surpassing a 10,000 play mark on Soundcloud. As a result of a tremendous turnout, DeadBwoyRecords will soon release a 16 track album, "Living Dead", hosted by members and affiliates of DeadBwoyRecords. The album will play a role as a thank you to their recent fans. For more of DeadBwoyRecords, tune into their soundclound or twitter.

Straight Drop is the second track on the album, Living Dead, with vocals from Don600 and Yung 9host with Tku boy on the production.

Living Dead Album Cover

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