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Have You Heard? Dro & Friends EP

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DroGotDoe, one thing for sure you're well on your way to a bag. With a track record filled with steady momentum, it's to no surprise that his newly released EP, Dro & Friends lived up to the expectation. Dro and friends kick things off in the right way with smooth and jazzy production on the opening track. If you're in the mood for lighting up freely, hopping in the whip, and ride around with the crew this jamming these smooth, easy on the ears, chill bangers is a 10/10 recommended. The first track, Chill Wit Me, sets the whole tone for the entire collection. To put the sound of this EP into words, I would categorize it as chill grit. With the vocals and lyrics falling on the grit side of the spectrum and the production is falling on the chill side. They make a perfect blend complementing each other like a strawberry banana smoothie. You'll find raw vocals, crispy drums that are so crispy that they give McDonald's Sprite a run for their money. You'll also find delicious melodies with worthy wordplay to go on top of said jingles that take you on an adventure. I don't want to give too much away because basking in these vibes should be a self pursuit. I will say this, make sure you have some popcorn ready for this cinematic experience you're about to encounter along with a sweet fatty stuffed with your favorite strain then, and only then will you prepare for Dro&Friends! Enjoy! 


Stream the Dro & Friends EP today exclusively on Soundcloud. Find DroGotDoe on all social platforms @DroGotDoe.

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