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Overcoming Adversity: Sacé

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"I just work to be a better me, I’m not competing with none of these other f*ck niggas."

- Sacé


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Being born in Plaquemine, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas, Sace exemplifies just that. His grimy lyrics mixed with a slowed down tempo creates the perfect mash up to describe his sound. Sace explains his influences, where he’s from, and what he wants to accomplish with his music. Whether you’re trying to impress the homies on aux or looking to cause mayhem in a mosh, Sace is the perfect catalyst for a night of raging.



Who is Sace? Where are you from?

Sace: Sacé is a word, it means overcoming adversity, with positivity. Eventually it will be published in Webster. I was born in Plaquiemine, Louisiana. A small city right outside of Baton Rouge. I was raised in Fresno, Texas though, I've been here ever since I was 14.

For those who follow and listen to your music what is something essential you want your fans to know?

Sace: For all my fans bro, music for me is therapy. That’s why you might here talking about f*cking with females in one song, depression the next, and then out of know where, I could be talking about Eldridge Clever and Bobby Seal. Another thing is, just be yourself. You can’t be a fan of me if you’re a fraud, no bullshit.

How has your hometown and neighborhood shaped you?

Sace: Honestly, I left Plaquemine when I was like 6 years old. My mother decided to move for better opportunities for the both us, I owe her the world. But on the real, before I started playing AAU basketball, I would go to my hometown every summer and holiday. I would be posted up with my hometown friends and family every day. It humbled me. I remember one time I was sitting outside of my homeboy's barber shop, behind my granny house. And a couple of kids from the neighborhood was taking about trading tools. The shit shocked me. Back when I was in high school I was trading shoes, but its young dudes where I'm from talking about trading guns. Hearing stuff like that, made me thankful that my mom decided to move out, and that my stepdad was placed in my life. But I'm repping OTB forever man. All my family there, and soon we all go be living like kings and queens. I love calling my auntie telling her I'm going to give her the world one day, for real.

What 3 artist inspired you the most?

Sace: DAMN, I have to go with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Kurt Kobain.

Are there any artist you’d like to work with?

Sace: HEAAAA YEAAAAA, off the rip I’m trying to a collaborate with Robb Banks, Kanye, Starlito, Jack Harlow, the whole damn ASAP mob, Master P, Sauce Walka, Boosie, I could go on for days.

How would you describe your sound?

Sace: My sound is so f*cking authentic. I go in the booth and become a different person with every song. That’s why you might hear me call myself, Slugga Quap, Big Sacé, Money Making Sacé, OneTakeShawty, all different people but they all are Derreion. I just work to be a better me, I’m not competing with none of these other f*ck n*ggas.

What/Who is Loose Screw Mafia?

Sace: LOOSE SCREW MAFIA! Man loose screw mafia is lifestyle. Growing up I was called weird, different, crazy, sometimes even lame. I decided to embrace that, like who are you tell me what’s cool or not, like go eat a d*ck. So I’m a loose screw, I’m crazy and I love it. I decided to add mafia instead of gang, squad, clique, etc... all those are cliché. And mafia seems more like a family to me, a family who doesn’t play about family. The OG’s of the screw are, JIGGAONDABEAT, JORDON, T-LO DIMES, DARK STAR NOVA, KAYA, NIGHTMARE & SACÉ!

I saw you were at SXSW, how was your experience?

Sace: On the real, SXSW was cool, you know I did my little performance had the crowd jumping, but I ain’t really rock with the vibe. Like when me and Jigga was on 6th street, we were walking around like, this is it? It was nothing but gold diggers and dudes trying to act like something they weren’t. It’s like people don’t respect the struggle and grind, they feel like if they are near the people who have made it, they fit in. It don’t work like that way pimp, you have to hustle.

How do you feel about the Houston music scene?

Sace: The Houston music scene is very peculiar. It’s either you’re really weird or really street. Like you don’t really hear anything different. That's just my opinion though, not many artist support each other. I’ve reached out trying to produce for artist and to work with them, but I rarely get replies. It’s all good though, I don’t really give a f*ck.

Any new music coming soon?

Sace: Music is coming rapidly, I think my love for music has grew even more. I’m addicted, I can’t stop, won’t stop. Like the goat said, “If you don’t like it, shut up or kill me” -Kevin Gates


For more on Sace, tune into the artist's social platforms and Soundcloud:

Instagram and Twitter: @LGTM919i

Soundcloud: Money Making Sace

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