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Crazy Rockstar Energy: TiaCorine

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Sexy but still hardcore with it."

- TiaCorine


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Woman and the rap industry are taking turns for the better. From developing new sounds to innovating and paving the way for new trends, It's just something about being a woman that adds a hint of spice and sexiness to the simplest things. Throughout this interview Tia will talk about her start as an artist, her sound, and her dearest and closest friends.



Who is TiaCorine and where are you from?

Tia: I am a female rapper, a single mother, a full time student and worker. And I am from Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

For those that follow you and listen to your music, what is something essential that you think your fans should know about you?

Tia: That I am VERY versatile, so don't expect every song to sound the same. I make music based on how I feel at that particular moment.

Has your hometown shaped you in anyway?

Tia: Shaped me? Yes and no... Yes because there is a good mixture of different cultures so I got exposed to a lot of different things. I say no because my mom allowed me and my siblings to be ourselves and that’s what really help me become who I am today.

Who or what inspired you to become an artist?

Tia: I’ve always loved music as a kid... I started off singing.. Michael Jackson is my favorite then Usher, Aliyah, and Ashanti. So I started doing talent shows.. I did one at Mineral Springs Elementary singing “Happy” by Ashanti. From then on I just knew I would be a singer but one day my brother was playing a Lil Wayne mixtape and that’s when I heard Nicki Minaj for the first time. She really inspired me. I mean of course I liked Lil Kim, Trina, and so forth but it was the way Nicki did it. She was sexy but still hardcore and that’s how I wanted to be but I wasn’t sure how to go about it and she opened the door for me.

Are there any artist that you like to work with? Like it's pure gold each time you guys drop something.

Tia: Drake, Tyler the Creator, Pharrell, Jaden Smith, and Badu.

What artist or producers would you like work with in the near future?

Tia: Zaytoven. He has been my favorite since I started rapping.

I must say that I love your sound. It's something that you can't put your finger on but it pops. You're bringing something that is rare and fresh to the table especially being a female artist. How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard your music yet?

Tia: First of all I want to say thank you. I've worked hard for this sound. I made about 20 songs before I dropped my first one so I’m very happy to see that my rare style is being noticed. I would describe my music as anime trap. I have a soothing voice with lots of energy but with a hardcore twist. I completely changed the vibe when I’m featured on a track and I love it.

Growing up in Winston, there's been so many trends that have come and gone. Most people have been influenced by or catered more to trap music, however I'm starting to see more people take pride on being creative and branching out. With you being a pioneer of the creative wave in the city I'm curious to your thoughts on "New Winston" or "New Carolina".

tia: Ummm I all for the “New Carolina“ movement but I feel as if it’s too much of the same thing. Like same rap styles. I don’t know what “New Winston” is but I am apart of the 3400 movement. 34 stands for Tre-4 aka Winston Salem. We have A LOT of different artists in our group along with camera men, graphic designers, engineers and producers. I’m more so for this movement because it’s more of an art thing not just rappers and they all bring a new sound.

Within the next 2-3 years where do you see the music scene progressing to?

Tia: I honestly don’t know. I feel like there are two sides right now. There's the mumble rap and meaningful rap. I think as we go on those two will fuse and meaningful rap will be respected/acknowledged again.

Independent or Deal? Why?

Tia: Independent. I’ve done some research and from what I’ve observed these so called “deals” are a facade. I rather be an underground artist. Make my own connections . Be the face of my own product.

3400? How did that come into play? And has the the group shaped you anymore than you were prior?

Tia: Well Apex 3400 reached out to me and asked if I wanted to join. At first I wasn’t sure because I was never for joining groups. I’ve been on my own for a while so I never felt the need to join anyone. So I asked him what would I benefit from being in your group. He responded “videos, photos, studio time, performances, etc”. No one ever really stated those benefits before so I took a chance and joined the 3400 group. I know a little history of how he came about it but it would be more factual if you asked him. They have shaped me in some way. I was really inspired by their performances they had this crazy rock star energy that I always wanted to show but held back. I’m definitely a way better performer now and that’s thanks to Apex3400, OG Spliff, and VIBE$.

We're now in the fourth quarter, with roughly 3 months left in the year what are some of your goals?

Tia: I definitely want to drop my EP. Every time I think it’s complete there is something that makes me go “ehh not quite”... I just want it to be PERFECT because this will be my first project. I also have this sick single called “LOTTO” which I have decided to drop before my EP. I always want to shoot the video for lotto or at least work on it. I also have a “TiaCorine Merch” coming soon.. I have this design that I want to put on a sweatshirt.. So I’m hoping to have some samples by November.

What is next in store for TiaCorine and is there anything that we should be on the lookout for project wise?

Tia: Definitely be on the lookout for lotto and my EP “The Power”. Those two projects are coming very soon. As SOON as EP is dropped and things like that. I will be dropping music with videos back to back; this is MY year.


For more on TiaCorine, tune into the artist's Instagram or Soundcloud.

Instagram: @TiaCorine

Soundcloud: Tia Corine

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