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It Was Written: Told YA

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Growing up in a family that was heavily involved in the church, Told YA had no choice but to have faith in his craft. With his grandmother and mother always preaching to him that it was destined for the young artist to be a star, one day that all came to light. A guest speaker whom was a stranger to the artist, directed the congregation towards Told YA and stated, "Remember his name, for he is destined to be great"and from that point on things began to change for the better.

Nearly 3 years later, Told.YA is still envisioning his shine and grinding at every cost. With introduction and guidance into the music world by Yung Bleu, an artist under Boosie Badazz and Columbia records, he received advice and got a inside look on how mainstream can be dirty and how dirty you have to play. To this day, he is still taking heed to that advice and he applies it to his everyday life as an artist. Told YA's everyday grind consists of "keeping his fans guessing but not missing", he says. As well as using social media as a tool for networking, collabing, anything to enhance his craft. By maintaining this routine, Told YA plans to expand his fan base to major states such as Texas, California, and hopefully the popular city of Atlanta. And as a member of the New Wave he sees infinite possibility to do so. I asked the artist, What was one thing that he liked about the New Wave and its association"? He replied, "You can be more free . And its more opportunity for the young. The young rules the fucking world".

For more on Told YA, check out the artist's Soundcloud and Twitter:

Soundcloud: RealToldYa

Twitter: @ToldYa2020

Instagram: Told.YA

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